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The Poles Are on the Move

Most people know that there is a difference between the geographic and magnetic poles of planet earth. But it might not be as commonly known that the magnetic north pole is shifting more rapidly than before. It has, in fact, been detected that the poles are periodically reversing, making the north pole the south pole and vice versa. However, the pole shift hypothesis suggests that the poles are shifting more rapidly than the mainstream studies have shown. It is considered that the shift will cause tsunamis, earthquakes, and ultimately a cataclysm. This theory is further explained in this article, and the hypothesis is reflected by the mainstream theories.

Why Do the Poles Shift?

The geomagnetic pole is shifting due to the magnetism diminishing and increasing in intensity over time. The planet starts to tilt with respect to its axis, which makes the pole wander. It has been noted that the pole reversal has happened almost 200 times in the past 80 million years. However, the cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis suggests that the polar shift will occur more rapidly than scientifically proven theory causing multiple catastrophic events on earth.

How Does the Pole Shift Affect the Earth?

The magnetic poles are essential for the earth as they help, for example, in blocking the harmful radiation penetrating the atmosphere. The shift may affect satellites, the electricity network, cause higher rates of cancer and other illnesses, and make animals lose their innate navigational skills. If the pole shift occurs as fast as the cataclysmic hypothesis suggests, then there could be catastrophic global disasters ultimately climaxing to the extinction of mankind.